Thermal camera inspection
Inspection thermographiques

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IR_11118Our thermographic inspections include : the accredited thermograph visit at your home, the complete infrared thermographic inspection inside your own property, a detailed report with pictures, optical and infrared photos of the problems encountered in your property and a textual description of the problem.

If you wish a key service including, 2R2 can refer to you a serious, fast and dynamic contractor.

Our services start at 250 $ for a house of less than 1500 square feet by floor (basement and ground floor).


* 1st add of an additional floor or garage : 90 $

* 2nd add of an additional floor or garage : 60 $

* 3rd add of an additional floor or garage and more : 60 $.


We also offer a spot check service for specific problem for 180 $ as water infiltration.




We cover the big metropolitan region (basse Laurentide, Montérégie) but for people who live outside of this area we deserve your area for a slight supplement.


Rates for commercial buildings with incomes depending on evaluation.

Taxes not included.

Price subjected to change without notice.

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